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Find the Best Bathroom Contractors in Missoula, Montana

Are you a homeowner that needs a bathroom contractor to renovate certain aspects of your household bathroom, such as the toilet, old tile flooring, or interior painting? Are you a business owner who needs to make sure that each employee and customer who benefits from your business can also have a pleasant bathroom experience at your business?

You want to finally take the time and money investment necessary to improve your personal or business bathroom. However, it may be harder than you think to find the right contractor. 

Rates and capabilities will depend on the contractor you choose and the scope of your construction or renovation. You will want to educate yourself on the options that you have available for bathroom contractors in Missoula, Montana. 

If you are looking for the best bathroom contractors in Missoula, keep reading. Get the contractor that suits your needs and price range. Keep reading to learn more. 

The Top 4 Bathroom Contractors in Missoula, Montana

Check out the best Missoula bathroom contractors in Missoula, Montana below.

Three Rivers Construction LLC

We are starting right out of the gate with perhaps the most respected and experienced group of full-service remodeling contractors in Missoula, Montana. Many people claim that the contractors at Three Rivers are dedicated, reasonable, and always on time. This company specializes in kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, new construction, and general handy work. With 18 years of experience, your project will be in good hands.


If your bathroom remodeling project primarily requires plumbing work, including installing new showers and toilets, look no further than Plumb-Tech. We’ve been Missoula’s most trusted contractor in this department for more than 15 years and would love to lend you a hand! Get in touch here.

Two Rivers Construction and Remodelling, LLC

Two Rivers is dedicated to providing improved services that will meet your individual needs with quality service and integrity. They specialize in custom bathroom and kitchen remodels, major renovations, custom carpentry, custom home renovations, and concrete and foundational jobs. While this business may be new to the game, the owner has worked as a landscaper and handyman for 30 years and will work on just about any job you may have in mind.

Corette Corporation

Here is another contracting team that has seen many years of business and experience, 15 years to be exact. This team has had 20 years in the remodeling industry, and they handle anything from interior paint to flooring; they also remodel kitchens and bathrooms regularly and can help you find your vision and execute your remodeling plan. Many people who have used Corette in the past have claimed that this company is honest, time-efficient, knowledgeable, reasonable with prices, and will provide high-quality design and workmanship on any project that you throw their way. 

No matter what you plan on renovating in your home or business, these companies can help you discover your ideal plan and work towards its execution. Each of these companies has a hardworking and dedicated team that will be devoted to giving you the best renovation possible. 

Tips for Hiring a Contractor

If you are still unsure about hiring a contractor or need some help with customizing your needs and having them best represented by certain companies then take a look at some tips below on how to hire a contractor for your specific needs and purposes. 

Interview Multiple Companies

Each renovation is different, and you never know which contractor will have the most experience working with your specific needs until you ask. Call a few different contractors and try to explain to them what services you are looking for. If any contractors give you better ideas or have worked on similar renovation plans in the past, then you might want to strongly consider giving them your business.

Ask for Estimates in Writing

Nothing is worse than getting charged more money for the renovations you have contracted a business for and losing money because of no evidence of proper charging rates. Ask for your estimates in writing to make sure no one pulls a fast one on you and demands more money than you originally agreed to. 

Give Instructions and Stick to the Schedule

You will want to make sure to give your contractor specific instructions about your renovation ideas. The better your communication is with your contractor, the better your end product will be. Stick to a strict schedule to avoid added fees. 

Verify Credibility and Discuss Materials

You want to make sure that the contractor you choose has verifiable licenses to perform the work that you are asking for, so make sure that your contractor has the right amount of experience and credibility. You will also want to make sure the contractor is not expecting you to cover materials unless you have specifically agreed to do so. 

Sign a Contract

The most binding terms in America involve a contract, so make sure no one will push extra fees or bogus stipulations. Thoroughly read through your contract with your contractor so that you will be aware of the stipulations and circumstances involved in renovating your bathroom. 

Give yourself the best foot forward in building the bathroom that you have been dreaming of, and take these tips into consideration when hiring a contractor to renovate your bathroom.

Get the Bathroom Renovation You Deserve

Now that you have educated yourself on the best contractors in Missoula, Montana, and have a few tricks up your sleeves that will help you determine what contractor will best suit your needs, what are you waiting for?

The only thing standing in your way of receiving that bathroom update you have been dreaming of is a simple time and money investment. Every person deserves a clean and comfortable bathroom that they are not ashamed to show guests. 

Do yourself a favor, and hire one of these contractors in Missoula, Montana. You will not regret it!

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