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Water Softener Services in Missoula, MT

Plumb-Tech is the leading source for installation, maintenance, and repair of water softeners in Missoula. Our systems provide:

Why Choose Plumb-Tech for Installing and Repairing Water Softeners in Missoula?

About Our Water Softening Systems in Missoula

Our high-quality water softening systems in Missoula use the ion exchange method to neutralize mineral concentrations within your water. This prevents the buildup of limescale throughout your home, making appliances run smoother and keeping surfaces free of scale.

Softeners are essential throughout much of America – including Missoula, where municipal water test results consistently reveal hardness.

The city will not address this problem for you. To get rid of hard water, you’ll need to install a softener in your home. Thankfully, Plumb-Tech makes this very easy. Contact us today!

Basic Water Softener
System Filter Setup
We install the high quiality systems that
use Reverse Osmosis Technology as well
Professional Water Treatment System
Installation done right in Montana!

Water Softener Repair in Missoula

In addition to water softener installation in Missoula, we provide maintenance and repair services as well to keep your system running as smoothly as possible for years to come. Our repair services include the following.

Clog Removal

Water softeners use various pipes and valves to keep water flowing to your home’s various fixtures. Occasionally, these components can get clogged, causing your water softener to malfunction. Our technicians know where to look for the source of such issues and will have your water softener unclogged in no time.

Irregular Water Pressure

Water softeners can occasionally cause issues with your home’s water pressure due to a variety of factors such as sediment or iron buildup. A Plumb-Tech professional will identify the root cause and get your water flowing at the right pressure again.

Routine Maintenance

Our water softeners are tough pieces of equipment. They still require periodic maintenance, however. Plumb-Tech professionals are experts at repairing the most common water softeners (including, of course, the ones we sell) and addressing common areas of wear and tear. You’re in good hands!

Know the Signs of Water Softener Malfunctioning

Be sure to call Plumb-Tech as soon as possible if you notice one of these signs.

Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains around your home (i.e. bathtubs, sinks, shower walls, etc) are a clear sign that all is not well with your water softener. A Plumb-Tech professional will promptly diagnose and address the issue so you can get back to enjoying softened water that doesn’t leave any stains.

Excessively Salty Water

While softeners use sodium to remove sediment from your water, this should never result in an excessively salty taste. If you’re noticing this, it’s very likely there’s an issue with your drain hose that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Stiff Laundry

Still laundry is another telltale sign that your water softener hasn’t been doing its job. The sediment buildup is preventing your fabric softener from doing its job properly. This could be the result of any number of issues. A professional can help you pinpoint and address the exact cause.

Noticeably Poor Water Quality

A softener should improve your water quality, not decrease it. If you’re having this issue, something’s certainly gone awry and you should contact a professional for help remedying it promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Softener Systems in Missoula, MT

How does a water softener work?

Water softeners work using what’s known as an ion-exchange process. This entails swapping calcium and magnesium ions in your water for less-harmful sodium ones. The sodium ions won’t stick to surfaces in your home or damage skin and hair.

You also won’t notice much of a difference in your water’s taste!

How much does a water softener cost?

The exact cost of a new water softener system in Missoula, MT varies depending on what you’re looking for. Contact us to receive more information, including a detailed quote.

How long does a water softener last?

A high-quality, well-maintained water softener should have no problem lasting 10-20 years or more. To ensure your system lasts as long as possible, be sure to clean it regularly and conduct scheduled maintenance.

What does a water softener remove?

Water softeners are designed to remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that damage skin and cause limescale buildup. They do this by trapping those contaminants within resin beads.