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Does Your Missoula Tap Water Smell Like Fish? Common Symptoms and Solutions

Many people in Missoula claim their tap water smells like fish or rotten eggs. There are a variety of issues with your tap water filtration that may contribute to a weird smell. One of the most common is sulfur from natural gas found in well water sources. 

Some people claim that their allergies spike because of pollen and food-related allergies. However, many are not aware of the reactions they are susceptible to such as receiving water from un-filtered or loosely regulated sources. 

If you are wondering how to properly maintain clean water, free of harmful contaminants and nauseating smells, you are in the right place. It is time that you educate yourself on how to purify your Missoula tap water and find a few tips and tricks that will help you find the cleanest and freshest water available.

There are many ways to combat dangerous chemicals and smelly toxins from your tap water. With the right research and investment, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of clean and fresh water for all of your household faucets and water supply areas. 

Harmful Chemicals and Smelly Toxic Contaminants

There are many compounds that will cause your body to break out into a rash or other allergic reaction. However, did you know that chemicals used to treat water and make it safe can also cause unwanted reactions?


Yes, you heard that right. A common chemical used by local water municipalities to purify your water and make it safe is chlorine, but researchers have recently found that prolonged exposure to chlorine may cause allergic reactions that may increase the risk of an asthma attack for people that have asthmatic symptoms, thanks to a study in Belgium. They have also concluded that it may cause eye and skin irritation, and lead to respiratory complications. Research your local chlorine levels and consider filtering your water with a dedicated plumbing service such as Plumb-Tech in Missoula. 


Another chemical that can cause problems with your water purity and filtration efficiency is sulfur. This is the most common reason your Missoula water smells like fish. Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral, but an over-exposure of sulfur can corrode your pipes, and ruin your plumbing lines. If you can smell an odor from your tap water, you are more than likely consuming the waste of bacteria. This may lead to diarrhea and dehydration. Because hydration and cleaning depend on water for their success, every time you wash with a washing machine, clean dishes with tap water, or drink from your faucet, you are contributing to the constant smell and consumption of sulfur. 


Dichlorophenol is another common chemical in water and it is the culprit of sneaky food allergies. The studies on this subject matter are only just developing. However, a study that tested greater than 10,000 Americans found that people who had the highest amount of dichlorophenol in their urine were more likely to have food allergies. These studies indicate that over-consumption of dichlorophenol may result in new food allergies that will develop and affect your body system. 


One of the most common chemicals in Montana water is fluoride. It’s praised for its ability to fight tooth decay. However, recent research may suggest that the chemical may contribute to asthma and allergy systems. Adults and children who are already susceptible to asthma attacks and allergy systems may be negatively impacted by fluoride. Research your water filtration system. Make sure that it does not allow too much fluoride if you have asthma or suffer from other types of allergic reactions.

Now that you know the top common chemicals used to sanitize your water and how they may negatively affect your health and allergies, let us discuss the ways in which you can combat these chemicals. 

Top 3 Ways to Filter Your Water and Relieve Allergies

If you are still concerned about reducing your health risks, ensure that you have access to only the cleanest and purest water available with the following tips and guidelines.

  1. Shorter Showers and Lower Temperatures – Long hot showers risk increased absorption of any harmful chemicals that may be in your water supply. Keep your showers especially cool if you are asthmatic to reduce the risk of an undesirable attack. 
  2. Filter Your Water or Use Distilled Water – Distilled water is a popular option for people wanting the best quality drinking water. However, using plastic bottles can hurt the environment, and buying a distilling system is often too expensive and not practical. A great way to combat this is to buy a filter to put on your tap water faucets. 
  3. Trust in the Professionals – The best option for the most careful water drinkers and water utility services is to invest in a group of filtration and plumbing experts to ensure that you will have the best filtered water at any time. Look into companies such as Plumb-Tech in Missoula. We have a dedicated and innovative team that can provide proper plumbing and water heating services and learn how to get the best-filtered water available on tap. 

Get Rid of Fishy Missoula Water

Many people feel as though they are unable to combat Missoula water smells like fish. Some people claim you’ll get used to the common freshwater contaminants, but do not risk your health for no reason.

Trust the professionals and let them filter your water. Contact Plumb-Tech in Missoula to ensure that you have the best plumbing and find alternative ways to filter your water to ensure long-term longevity and healthy water consumption.

Stop settling for water that makes your clothes, house, and body smell like fish. Instead, invest in a healthy future with clean water and proper hydration. 

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