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Radiant Floor Heating Systems in Missoula, MT

Plumb-Tech is the top provider of radiant heating systems in Missoula, MT. We install high-quality hydronic systems that heat your home far more efficiently than forced-air units.

Why Choose Plumb-Tech for Radiant Heat Installation in Missoula?

What Are Radiant Heating Systems?

Radiant heat systems pump warm water under your flooring. The heat then radiates upwards, warming your entire room or house. This is a more energy-efficient means of heating your home than conventional forced-air systems because it eliminates ductwork, which can leak. Other benefits of radiant heat flooring include the following.

More Uniform Heating

Forced air heating systems disproportionately warm the areas closest to your vents. Large objects near your vents can impede their ability to heat the entire room uniformly. Radiant heat flooring overcomes this by heating your entire floor rather than relying on a single vent.

Less Maintenance Required

Our radiant heating systems rely on fluid pumped through pipes to warm your home. We install these pipes professionally underneath your flooring, allowing your radiant heating system to operate for years without the need for nearly as much maintenance as you’d require with a forced air system.

Enhanced Comfort

The joy of stepping onto a nice, warm floor in the morning is indescribable. Only radiant heating flooring systems offer this luxury.

More Allergy-Friendly

Traditional forced-air systems are prone to blasting allergens throughout your home or office. Because radiant heating systems don’t actually blast air at all, they’re much friendlier to those who suffer from allergies.

About Our Radiant Heat Plumbing Services

Plumb-Tech can help you unlock the above benefits and more via our radiant heating services in Missoula. Keep reading to learn more about what we do.

Radiant Heat System Repair

Has your old radiant heat system sprung a leak, started freezing over, or developed some other issue? Plumb-Tech professionals will identify the root cause and fix it promptly with as little intrusion into your flooring as possible. 

Radiant Heat System Installation

Looking to install a radiant heat system in your home or office? Trust the experts at Plumb-Tech. We offer hydronic radiant heat systems from leading manufacturers in the United States. We professionally install these systems from scratch!

Find the Right Radiant Heat Flooring in and Near Missoula

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