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Snow Melting System: Everything You Need to Know

It’s that time of the year when your driveways and patios are covered with snow, making you slip (and possibly get caught on camera falling).

And if there’s something we can both agree on right now: shoveling tons of snow is not a fun activity. What if this chore could just melt away?

Having a snow-melting system in your home or workplace can literally make that happen. It can also keep you and other users of your property safe during winter (so you don’t end up on a YouTube fall compilation).

Using a snowmelt system is becoming more popular these days. It is now a convenient way to clear snow from your driveways, walkways, patios, parking lots, and emergency exits. With this, there’s no need for manual labor and back-breaking shoveling to clear the snow.

Now let’s find out what it is all about and how you can get it installed.

What is a Snow Melting System?

The snowmelt system is one that helps you remove snow and ice from surfaces around your building. You wouldn’t need to remove snow from your sidewalks, patios, and driveways if you installed a snowmelt system. It uses tubes buried under the surface to heat and deice the surroundings to keep them free of ice and snow.

Why You Need to Install a Heating Solution for Driveways, Patios, and Walkways

Every year, thousands of people suffer from injuries traceable to shoveling snow. A study showed that head injuries, life-threatening heart conditions, back pains, and broken bones are common hazards people experience with shoveling snow.

These issues arise not only because of the physical exertion that comes with shoveling. Being out in the cold temperature also contributes to this. It is a combination of the workload and the cold temperature that results in these hazards.

Using a snowmelt system would prevent you from the hazards associated with shoveling snow and ice. You don’t have to strain your back, break bones, and expose yourself to extreme temperatures before you can get rid of snow on your surfaces.

A lot of people slip and fall during winter because of how slippery the walkways get. You can improve the safety of your premises when you have a snowmelt system installed.

It will also protect you from avoidable liabilities. People who visit your home or use your premises would not be prone to sustaining injuries.

It can increase the value of your property. If you are putting up your property for sale, buyers would have to pay higher when they know the walkways and patios stay snow-free all year round. Also, you would have saved them the stress of selecting and installing the system themselves.

While you would spend money to install a snowmelt system, in the long run, it is more cost-effective. It saves you the cost of buying chemicals for clearing your surfaces and taking care of winter-related injuries.

It is also great for the environment. Because you wouldn’t need chemicals to clear snow from your walkways. When you use chemicals to clear snow, these chemicals would eventually find their way into the sewers and into the ecosystem.

How do Snow Melt Systems Work?

A snowmelt system comprises electric cables or tubes containing warm water. It runs under asphalt, concrete, and pavers to warm up the surface of your premises. It is this heat that melts snow and ice, effectively preventing them from building up on the surface.

It has a detector that reads the temperature and moisture. It also has a controller that controls all the components of the system. When it detects snow or ice, it warms up the place and melts them.

Types of Snow Melt System

The two types of snowmelt systems that you can use for deicing your property are:

  • Hydronic and
  • Electric

The classification is according to their heat sources.

The type of snowmelt system you would need depends on the type of building. The electric snowmelt system requires little effort to maintain. It is easier to operate because it has few parts and there is no need for corrosive chemicals. Most times, people use the electric snowmelt system for residential buildings.

The hydronic type uses heat that is delivered in the form of fluids. It functions with hot water running through the tubes. The tubes run beneath areas where you don’t want snow or ice to accumulate. The hydronic snowmelt system is more ideal for buildings that serve industrial or commercial purposes.

There is a sensor in both types that automatically activates when it senses that the temperature is dropping and freezing. It also deactivates itself when the temperature is higher than the freezing point.

With this automatic activation and deactivation of the snowmelt system, it saves you the stress of monitoring the temperature and regulating it accordingly.

How are Snow Melting Systems Installed?

The best way to install a snow melting system is when you are constructing the premises. However, you can install it on an already constructed walkway and other surfaces. Here, you would have to open up some parts of the surface to insert the cables or tubes in them.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Snow Melt System?

The cost of getting and installing a snowmelt system differs. It would depend on the quality, the manufacturer, cost of materials, the source of heat, and the size of the surface.

On average, the total cost would be between $4000 – $15000. Depending on your budget, you could have your home or workplace fortified for the snowy winter.

Choosing a Snow Melting System

If you are unsure of the right snow melt system for your needs, let’s talk. Speak with us and we will guide you through. Our team of professionals will help you select, install, and maintain the right snowmelt system for your needs in Missoula.

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