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8 Benefits of Water Softener Systems

If you live in a region with hard water, you have probably noticed its negative effects. From corroding your plumbing and fixtures to making laundry an uphill battle, hard water can be a nuisance in your home. 

That’s where water softeners come in handy. There are numerous benefits of water softener systems that help make your life much easier. Water softeners can even help mitigate the effects of harsh water on your skin! 

This article will explore the benefits of water softener units and why you should consider one for your home. So, if you’re considering investing in a water softener, here are some reasons why you should.

Why you should invest in a water softener system

As mentioned above, there are several benefits of a water softener system in your home. Here are our top eight reasons why you should consider investing in one: 

  1. Lowers your monthly energy bill

With the rising cost of electricity, energy bills are a major concern for many households. Homeowners are often looking for ways to help reduce these bills.

But did you know that having a water softener in your home can help? That’s right! Softened water means less mineral build-up and increased efficiency. This means less energy consumption, as your system won’t take as much time to heat the water in the shower or kitchen.

  1. Saves on detergents

Hard water contains hard minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals can make laundry difficult, rendering your favorite detergent less effective. They prevent enough foaming, resulting in your clothes not getting as clean as you’d like.

To clean your laundry, you end up using more detergent, which is not only costly but also frustrating. However, water softener systems help resolve this issue. The system removes the hard water minerals, allowing you to use less detergent and get cleaner clothes.

  1. Improves your skin and hair

No one likes dry skin or the itchy feeling that comes with it. Hard water minerals can leave soap scum on your skin during a shower. The scum clogs the skin pores causing the itchy effect. In addition, these minerals absorb your skin’s natural moisture, leaving it dry.

Water softener systems make this a thing of the past for you and your household. Having softer water in your home will allow the soap to lather and rinse off your skin properly. This will improve your skin, leaving it moisturized without clogged pores. 

  1. Softer fabrics

One of the other laundry benefits of water softener units is softer fabric. Soft water ensures that you end up with softer fabrics without having to use extra fabric softener.  

Generally, hard water reduces the efficiency of laundry detergent. That includes foaming and softening your clothes. In fact, when you do laundry with hard water, you’ll most likely notice soap curds on your clothes, towels, and bedding, which can make the fabrics stiff.

The solution to the hard fabrics issue is to get that water softener installed in your home. Get rid of the hard water minerals and enjoy the feeling of soft fabrics on your skin.

  1. Saves on water usage

Among the main advantages of water softener systems is reduced water usage. The minerals in hard water can lead to build-up on appliances, fabrics, and your skin, as mentioned above. The domino effect is that in addition to a lot of soap, you’ll need to use extra water for rinsing. 

Installing a water softener ensures that the water lathers easily and that you don’t use more water than necessary. Subsequently, this means saving on your monthly water bills. Who doesn’t want to save money? 

Another one of the many benefits of water softeners is that using less water is better for the environment. Less water usage helps conserve the planet’s natural freshwater resources.

  1. Cleaner pipes and plumbing system

Scaling and mineral build-up on your plumbing can reduce its lifespan. The pipes can clog and corrode over time, causing leaks and requiring frequent maintenance and repairs.

This will result in a shorter lifespan for your pipes as well as cost you money due to the frequent visits from the plumber. However, a water softener system means less mineral build-up and less potential for clogs. 

  1. Better taste

Water softener systems improve the taste of water. Usually, a water softener uses other minerals like potassium and sodium to replace the hard minerals (calcium and magnesium). This happens during the ion exchange process.

Adding sodium ions to the water can result in better-tasting water. So, if you don’t enjoy the taste of hard water, you can improve it and enjoy every sip by installing a water softener. 

It’s important to note that increased sodium levels may cause health issues for some. If that’s the case, there are other saltless water softening options. A qualified plumber can help you choose the best system for your needs. 

  1. More water from your shower head

Hard water minerals can also clog your shower head, causing it to operate at half capacity or less. This can be frustrating, especially when you want a refreshing shower after a long day’s work. 

Installing a water softener easily gets rid of this problem. It eliminates the hard water minerals, leading to less build-up and clogging. This way, your shower head can operate at optimal capacity allowing you to fully enjoy your shower.

Key takeaway

Most regions in the US have hard water. With all the disadvantages of hard water, including dry and itchy skin, higher utility bills, and hard time cleaning, many households have invested in a water softener. 

If you’re still on the fence about installing a softener system, let the benefits speak for themselves. Not only will you save on water and electricity, but you will also enjoy better shower time, healthier skin, and easier cleaning.

Before purchasing your water softener, it’s best to seek the advice of a professional. This will ensure that you get the right system for your home based on the water hardness level in your area, and the size of your home. 

At Plumb-Tech, we understand you want the best out of your water system. Book an appointment with one of your qualified plumbers and start improving your water today. 

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