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How to Find Construction Jobs in Missoula, MT

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for construction jobs in Missoula, MT. Keep reading as we provide some tips for anyone currently in the market.

Tips for Finding Construction Jobs

1. Know Where to Look

You can find construction jobs in Missoula, MT on the familiar listing sites. That includes Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter.

However, don’t forget to scout for opportunities on LinkedIn. Missoula has a relatively small population of just over 74,000 people. Once word gets out that you’re looking for work, it may not be very long before someone gets in touch about an opportunity.

Dedicated bidding websites like the Montana Bid Network can also be a great means of finding contractor jobs throughout the state.

2. Polish Your Resume and Cover Letter

Given Missoula’s fairly small population, construction companies here put a lot of effort into maintaining positive reputations. That starts with hiring people they’re confident can deliver quality work and interact with clients appropriately.

A great way to communicate your ability in both regards is to make a good first impression. That means polishing up your resume and cover letter so they’re free of typos and other errors. Additionally, make sure your submission fully demonstrates your experience in the industry and how it will benefit the potential employer.

3. General Contractor? Consider Subcontracting, Too

If you work as a general contractor throughout Western Montana, don’t be afraid to apply for work as a subcontractor as well. This will provide you with a wider array of opportunities when things are slow on the general contracting front. 

You may even be able to leverage your network of subcontractors and have them complete the labor while you take care of materials and project management.

4. Create an Online Portfolio

One great way to showcase your experience is to create an online portfolio of the various projects you’ve completed. This is especially important if you’re looking for residential construction jobs in Missoula, MT. Consumers want to see examples of your work before they let you into their own homes.

A portfolio will never hurt if you’re looking for formal employment (as opposed to marketing your services as a contractor), either.

5. Bid On Government Construction Projects

The University of Montana’s presence in Missoula makes the city a hotspot for government construction activity. The official Montana state website hosts a contracting portal through which you can bid on construction jobs.

There are many advantages to working on government projects, including reasonable pay and a fairly transparent bidding process.

6. Contact Popular Subcontractors

If you’re looking for employment as a construction worker in Missoula, apply with popular subcontractors as they’re more likely to be hiring.

Determining who these companies are can be as simple as driving past a job site and making note of the company names on vehicles.

7. Align Yourself Well

Given Missoula’s tight-knit nature, it’s smart to align yourself with contractors and companies that can open the door to work.

At Plumb-Tech, for example, we’ve built a name for ourselves as a leading provider of plumbing services for new construction. Our alignment with various residential and commercial construction firms helps ensure steady demand for our services.

As a contractor, you can also reach out to homeowners associations or other entities that could benefit from having a single trusted source to handle their bulk needs.

8. Ask for Referrals

Referrals can be a very important source of leads for not only individual contractors but also larger service providers in Missoula.

In fact, many construction companies throughout America rely on referrals as a key revenue stream.

This does present a challenge if you’re a newcomer to the industry, however, as it can be tough to insert yourself into the network. Make a special effort with every job you take on, however, and you’ll find that word eventually gets around.

Don’t be afraid to nudge the process along by asking for referrals, either.

9. Still Studying? Choose the Right Skill

If you’re still in the process of deciding which direction to take your construction career, take the time to choose wisely.

Naturally, some construction jobs in Missoula, MT are in higher demand than others. The city’s residential construction sector is particularly strong, for example. Even during the COVID-19 shutdown of early 2020, Missoula issued 111 residential permits.

This demand means that workers skilled in trades related to the residential construction sector are also highly sought-after.

By choosing your trade wisely, you can make finding a job much easier for yourself.

10. Little Work Experience? Consider an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to add valuable work experience to your resume. Additionally, an established company you may not be qualified to work for in a higher-level role may be willing to take you on as an apprentice, which can open many doors for you.

11. Familiarize Yourself with Management Strategies

Being adept at your trade is certainly important. However, you should also make an effort to establish an understanding of construction management processes and techniques as this will ensure you’re an asset to your employer.

12. Be Open to Traveling for Work

Many of the top construction companies in Missoula frequently conduct work out of state in order to capitalize on opportunities throughout the country’s western and midwestern regions.

As such, being willing and able to travel for work – and stay focused even while away from your family – can be a considerable asset.

If this describes you, make sure to advertise that capability to prospective employers.

13. Keep Upward Mobility in Mind

Given Missoula’s small size, it’s not uncommon for construction companies to prioritize applicants that possess the ability to grow into larger roles.

Use your application and interview as opportunities to discuss how you’ve grown in the past. If you don’t have construction experience, still find a way to mention other types of professional growth you’ve experienced elsewhere.

Construction Jobs in Missoula, MT: Conclusion

Missoula is a small town but also one in which construction companies thrive. We hope this article has been helpful in your quest to find construction-related work in the city.

If you’re a general contractor looking to add a plumber to your network, contact us here to learn more about what we do and our extensive experience on commercial and residential construction projects alike.