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Plumbing Apprenticeship Program in Missoula

Plumb-Tech’s plumbing apprenticeship programs in Missoula will teach you the skills required to confidently enter the home service industry and launch a successful career. Keep reading to learn more about how you can become an apprentice plumber technician with us, along with the benefits of doing so.

About Plumb-Tech

Our company was founded in 2000 and has since become Missoula’s leading provider of plumbing services. We serve both residential and commercial clients, which grants apprentice plumbers technicians the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills alongside our experienced professionals.

Since Plumb-Tech’s inception, our primary focus has been on providing heating and plumbing services for new construction. As such, apprentices will see how these systems are installed from the ground up.

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Plumbing Apprentice Job Description

Our plumbing apprenticeship program is open to students enrolled in an accredited plumbing course (or related studies). That includes programs at the Montana State University-Northern College of Technical Sciences and the University of Montana Missoula College, among others.

Approved candidates will accompany our experienced plumbers on residential and commercial calls to develop an understanding of how we install and service a variety of fixtures, including:

Given the hands-on nature of our apprenticeship, candidates must pass safety training. Additionally, candidates must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid driver’s license in Montana, and pass basic aptitude tests we administer.

Benefits of Our Plumbing Apprenticeship Program in Missoula

Here are a few benefits of completing an apprenticeship with Plumb-Tech.

Valuable Experience for Your Resume

The home services industry is very competitive – especially in a relatively small city like Missoula. Having a household name like Plumb-Tech on your resume will go a long way towards securing future employment as a plumber technician.

This is especially valuable given the exclusive nature of our apprenticeship. Only the most promising candidates get in, which maintains the value of having our apprenticeship on your resume.

Complete Mandatory Training Hours
The Montana Department of Labor & Industry requires five years of work experience in order for you to become a licensed plumber. Your time spent with us will count towards your documented experience in the industry. It will also count towards any in-field training hours mandated by your educational institution.
Build Valuable Connections

Missoula is a tight-knit community. By working with us, you’ll develop important connections that will serve you throughout your career as a plumber technician.

Learn From the Best

Plumb-Tech has been Missoula’s leading plumbing contractor for more than 15 years. Participants in our plumbing apprenticeship programs learn the very best techniques for not only repairing systems but handling important administrative tasks such as client relations as well.

Contact Plumb-Tech to Learn More About Our Plumbing Apprenticeship Program in Missoula

If you believe you qualify for entry into your apprenticeship program, we welcome your application! Please note that only candidates selected will be contacted. We hope to provide a launching pad for your career in plumbing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a plumber expect from an apprenticeship?

As an apprentice plumber, you should expect to gain hands-on experience in installing, repairing, and maintaining both commercial and residential plumbing systems. We will teach chosen candidates how to troubleshoot various systems and find the right solution promptly.

Is a plumbing apprenticeship hard?

Our plumbing apprenticeship is challenging, both to get into and to complete successfully. However, once you’re in the program, we do our best to provide all of the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure your success. 

We take your professional development seriously and expect there to be many opportunities for learning and overcoming the challenges you’ll face during your time with us.

How do I become an Plumbing apprentice?

To become an Plumber apprentice with us, we ask that you currently be enrolled in a related course at an accredited educational institution. Additionally, we conduct basic aptitude examinations to ensure your time with us will be safe and productive.

You must also be licensed to work in the United States with no exceptions.

Is Plumbing training hard?

The challenges you’ll face during your apprenticeship will be identical to real-world situations. As such, you can expect the apprenticeship to be filled with growth and development.

We provide all successful candidates with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed with us.

How long does it take to learn Plumbing?

While you’ll have the skills required to launch a successful career by the end of your internship with us, Plumbing technicians are constantly learning. There will always be new technologies and regulations to familiarize yourself with. It’s important that you approach the industry with this in mind and prepare for a lifetime of development.